On Being Badass.

Today’s post is so exciting for me. My life has been shifting the past several months, and like a guy with a hard-on he just can’t hide, I’m pumped to talk about it. Today, it’s all about making money, and of course, food. Healthy Hibiscus Popsicles to help you feel great as you improve yourself. … Read more

I Like My Humping Like I Like My Martinis: Dry.

You know I love Penny Reid like most people love coffee in the morning or their vibrator at night. Or in the morning, you do you. Literally. Either way, I am an unabashed fangirl who is fortunate enough that I am given advanced copies of her books, which is good, because if she didn’t, I’d be … Read more

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls: Art in Romance.

When I started narrowing down my choices for my list post of five sexy tortured artists in romance, I kept thinking about how there are all sorts of sexy themes in romance novels, firemen, navy seals, cops, billionaires, billionaire firemen, billionaire cops, billionaire navy seals, billionaire billionaires…There are also the taboo themes, stepbrother, stepfather, teacher, … Read more

On Writing. (On “I Stole That Title From Stephen King Because He Hasn’t Adopted Me, Yet.”)

I’ve been absent. I know, you’re sad. I’m sad, too. Alas, I was getting used to my new life. Alas, I have a new superfood sushi with spicy sauce recipe for you–and some bitching, so, gird yer loins. So, I’m kind of a big deal. Just kidding! I’ve just taken a position as a staff … Read more

Ninja Waffles

Ok, so I made awesome vegan chocolate chai waffles for this post, so hold onto your butts. You know what kind of post I’ve not done in FOREVER?! So I’m doing one. This series is for the PNR lover. A purist. Someone who loves all the silly trappings of the genre. Fated mates. Long-lived vampires. … Read more